About Us


Tracy Towry, Owner of Attic Estates and Appraisals, started the journey into the world of antiques and collectibles as a child, while at his Grandparents home. He absolutely fell in love with all the manual gadgets around the families’ homestead, the natural woods of the furniture pieces, the old family photos on display in gorgeous round frames; with curved glass, the collections his grandmother had of oil lamps, and of dishes.

This fond period of his childhood left a lasting impression on him. He loved the elder generations, and he loved the knowledge the generations before him could share. He craved hearing the old family stories, how they did things on the farm, and how the old mechanical implements worked.

When it came time for the family to sell off part of the estate, Tracy was 12, and he helped with his first estate sale. He was hooked. He loved the process, enjoyed the people, and loved sharing the stories of a particular piece of furniture or tool with the new owners who were purchasing it.

For Tracy, its a genuine love and affection with the elder generations, and the collections they have cared for while they were here with us on earth.

Tracy has been doing estate sales now for 40 years. He has garnered a reputation of being a caring, compassionate and honest person.  His superb organizational skills, attention to detail, and outstanding market value knowledge make him second to none in this competitive field.

Let our 40 years of experience and hundreds of successful sales conducted get you the most for your treasures.
To keep abreast of current market values and the ever-changing antique and collectibles market, Tracy personally attends several large antique and collectible shows each year across the United States. He also follows the market trends via local antique & collectibles shops, online antique markets, numerous trade journals and has an extensive reference library.

Company Policies

  • Honest, caring service
  • Flexible and considerate of individual needs and circumstances
  • Professional display and organization on-site
  • Internet; Website, Extensive Social Media, Dealer Mailing List, newspaper promotions, and directional signage
  • Internet marketing for rare and unusual items assuring maximum profit
  • Extensive reference library available covering all categories of antiques and collectibles assuring proper and accurate evaluation for our customers
  • Customer E-Mail File maintained and continually updated with email notices preceding each sale we do
  • Free initial consultation
  • References available
  • Additional post sale services availableDSCN4503

With our 40 years of experience, we have learned that dealing with an estate, or the downsizing of an living estate can be a stressful and difficult time for the family members involved. Often families feel overwhelmed with the large task. Worry is another common emotion.  Expenses are high, and the job to liquidate assets is an immense one.

  Lets face it, anyone can have a garage sale or throw up an “estate sale” sign.  A successful sale is one where market values are fully understood in advance.  So Aunt Ethel’s figurine collection isn’t sold for $20, because everyone in the family always laughed at them and how dreadful they were to dust…Turns out Ethel had something going, and those figurines are valued at $60 each!  Hiring a team with 40 years of experience in pricing at current market values dramatically increases your profits, and quickly.

Attic Estates and Appraisals has a great reputation with the Antique dealers and store owners in the Central Oregon area. They maintain a great customer base of antique dealers, store owners, and collectors who are all regulars at all of their sales.

Having a professional with over 40 years of experience in this competitive field can not only increase profits, but the compassionate, genuine attitude of the team goes a long way to relieve family burdens. Tracy is a Certified Appraiser.  Having an Appraiser on hand is a rare find in this competitive market.  Trust your estate or downsizing event to the experienced professionals with the reputation of organized excellence.

Tracy and his team are Located in Redmond, Oregon and serve the Central Oregon area.